This castle is variously known as El Castellet or the Castell de Castells de Serella

This amazing ruin is located on a rocky outcrop (Penya del Castellet) on the crest of the eastern edge Sierra Serella (1050 m). It has extensive views in all directions. To the north it overlooks the valley and village of of Castell de Castells, with glimpses of the sea in the distance; to the south the valley and village of Guadalest and reservoir. It is easily accessed by driving to the road (track) col just to the East of the castle

The bulk of the Serella mountain range runs westwards, and the sites of further Islamic remains can be seen, including the lookout of Pla de la Casa.

Little is known of its early history, the first record of the castle was in1244.

The fortification, which was named as Castell (Qastâl) and its associated lands, including various farmsteads such as d’Aialt, Bitla and Espelda was ceded to Al Azraq for his use for three years. It was taken by King Jaume in 1250 and abandoned soon after the Christian reconquest.

The fortification itocay consists of some remains of walls and a water cistern that still holds water. The ruined tower walls still stand to a height of about 4m. The lower albacar (walled refuge) is a large space which lies on the northern slopes, bordered by the remains of a low wall. 

The castle has not been excavated and it is not known exactly when it was built, but ceramics found on the surface indicate a date from the second half of the 11th century. You can visit this castle on our Castle and Canyons walking holiday



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